Friday, June 5, 2009

How To Dress On A Job Interview

The low-cut shirt, fishnet stockings and tattoos won't work here. You have to be a little conservative but sometimes you might not have to wear a suit depending on the job you're going for though you have to consider what you are applying. A pensil skirt with a button -down shirt and nice heels at least 2 inches high will take you almost anywhere.

If it is a fashion magazine or an art studio you can be and allowed to be more creative so you can throw in a trendlier top. It is about mixing and matching but make sure there is a 'wow' factor to it not 'whoops' factor. And the level of polish in elegance between top and bottom must be of the same quality.

At the law firm or a finance or corporate office, you have to toe the line a bit more. Wear a suit that is well tailored and it has to look sharp and amazing. Invest your money here. My favourites will be Zara, MNG or Armani but G-2000 and Nichii might have some nice ones too.

As a general guideline: Choose a conservative base and then put on a piece of personal jewelry, something that says you are alive and not a robot in a suit! Create your personal style and be CONSISTENTLY GROOMED- please.

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