Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Year...wiser...

They say life begins at 40. I heard that many times before and now in the new millenium someone just told me , 40 is the new 30 !

Yes I agree. I really don't feel 40 at all but I just feel 30 even more energized than I was back then.. I feel that there are so many things to explore in life and it will be a waste to dwell on unnecessary things such as worrying about getting another year older.

Life is a journey not a destination. My wish now is for god to allow me to continue my journey and live life to the fullest.

Through the years I must say that I've learned a lot from my weaknesses and mistakes and turned them into my strength. Experience taught me how to be stronger mentally and spiritualy. Like the saying goes, 'when the going gets tough, the tough gets tougher...' . I have grown emotionally with some sense of endurance.

Being a normal human being sometimes I admit that I do get upset over certain things such as not being able to produce the result you want or getting cold treatment from people for no concrete reason or being resentful over certain things ...but then again eventually I thought... life is too short. They say misery needs company ..so I decided not to entertain those thoughts because it can be very damaging for your well-being.

I just tell myself that, all the garbage in your life is the fertilizer of your growth .

I used to be a person who strives for perfection in everything . Some people like me and some people find it a turn-off. But thats me... but over time I have managed to adjust myself to different situations. I can't please everyone. I think it's better than being a hipocrete and live in a lie.

It doesnt matter who you are, what you are or at what stage in life you are in... just remember this - being happy does not mean that everything is perfect..it means that you have decided to look beyond imperfections.

All you have to do is take care of your health, your mind and your soul then you will be at peace.

Forget the feeling of hate.
Forget the feeling of hurt.
Live life in simplicity.
Forgive and move on.

Cheers to 40!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Change & Diversification

Hi all! It's been quite a while since i jot down anything. Well ..a lot of things have been happening in my life right now and I am just overwhelmed with the changes.

If you have followed the journey of my career , you would be able to understand the feelings of excitement, eagerness and how energized I am feeling right now.

I can still recall a question asked by a reporter from the Mas Inflight magazine in a one page article back in 2002. She asked me 'Shawati having achieved all this..being a flight stewardess then a broadcaster and now an entrepreneur ..what would be your ultimate goal?'. My answer to her was ,' I would like to be a millionaire at the age of 40!'. That was 8 years ago and without realizing it then I was already practising the LOA [ Law of Atrraction] telling the universe what I wanted and it started manifesting for me slowly but surely. I wasn't quite sure about how to achieve that but I guess my chosen path has led me to the point I am now.

I have attended many motivational seminars done by local and international speakers and they spoke about ways to become a millionaire such as doing multiple jobs to create passive income, write books and get royalties from them, sell products and invest in properties..
I have been doing just that , I've been multitasking in my work, I 've published a book and now my company is diversifying into Manufacturing, Marketing and Trading various products.

Yes that's right I have mentioned in my media interviews about coming out with my own product a few times but it never materialized due to so many inconviniences and it just wasn't the right time. I went through a lot of hurdles in the process of trying to produce my products and was feeling demotivated at some point.

But early last month suddenly came a 'silver lining' and my dream came true.

Within a month I found myself shifting to my new office cum factory and everything just fell into the right place.

We are currently developing our own product label in skincare, haircare, healthcare, household care and specialty products simply called 'adamaya' . It will be launched after raya. We also provide special labelling and packaging for companies and government institutions to cater to their needs.

In other words I am happy to open the doors to anyone who are seeking for opportunities to make the extra income revenues and achieve the financial freedom you have always wanted.

So feel free to share this moment of truth with me and my company and we shall grow together!

If you are interested please feel free to give me your contact numbers and we shall organize your visit to view the products and to get a thorough understanding on the benefits you will be getting.

Do visit my website at http://www.adamaya.com.my/ to get brief idea of the services we offer.

Hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your time reading this note. Hopefully you will get inspired and start executing your goals!
If I dared to dream ..you can too!

'When you have come to a dead end, all is not lost - you have been given a gift of boundless possibilities!'

Thank you.