Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Wierd Moment

An incident happened today and I thought it was really funny but touchy.

I went for my normal yearly check up with my Gynae , know the thorough body check up for women to detect any abnormalities in your health....etc.

When I got there I was attended by this new medical assistant whom never attended or spoke to me before this but I noticed that she was a bit reserved with me and I didn't know why. So I reserved my comments.

Then she called out my name to go in and started preparing the room before the doctor comes in to check me.

So I was dressed only hips up and laid on the 'check bed' or whatever you call it. Then she said to me, ' You know ..when I was small I used to watch you reading the news all the time and whenever you read , I would repeat after you infront of the Tv and my mom also knows this. And now I can't believe it that I am here in the same room and I am attending to you.'

Feeling a bit embarrased thinking how awkward it is that we have to meet this way.. I mean having your fan seing you half naked....then I tried to be casual about it and said to her ' How old are you now...suddenly I feel so old..'. She laughed and said ' I'm 26. Then I asked her ,' So why didn 't you pursue your dream to be a newsreader?' She said, ' Because of financial problems la..'.

Then I said to her ' To be a newsreader does not need much money coz when I started I just went for the audition like everyone else and if you're really determined and sure of yourself I think you should continue your dream.'. She answered me ' Its ok, it's too late now but do you know that I became the best speaker in my school because of you?'.

I was so touched by her words and said ' Really I am so honoured to hear this thank you.. but I still think you shouldn't forget your dreams. Don't give up.'

There you go.. at first I thought this girl doesnt like me coz she didn't even look at me when I arrived but for all you know she was very shy. If I hadn't had the sense of perseverence , she would have been misunderstood.

After talking to her I do sense the feeling of unhappiness and loneliness in her. She could have no one to talk to , to share her passion and her dreams. I really would like to see her at least try to go for an audition. It makes me sad to see someone give up without an attempt to try. You will never know how far you can go unless you try.

It would be a waste to just deny a gift that god has given you.

I wouldn't want to grow old and say to myself ' I should have done that coz by then it would be too late. But if you had tried and it didn't work out , at least you know where your strengths and weaknesses are.

So if any of you young ladies and gentlemen are reading this my advice is , please just focus on your dream and you will get it. All you have to do is believe in yourself then others will believe you.

'Better to live one year as a tiger than a hundred as a sheep' - Madonna.

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