Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where Is The Love.

'Love is the food for the soul'..... yes indeed it is and i truly agree.

Without 'love' you get emotional

Without 'love' you get depressed

Without 'love' you get angry

Without 'love' you feel cheated

Without 'love' you become demotivated

Without 'love' you become lonely

Without 'love' you become a different person

Without 'love' , YOU are a lost soul.......

When all the negative feelings above are created .... and everyone is feeling miserable - not a very good sight ..and not very productive for every aspects of living.

Would you like to see a smiley face or a sad face?

So why can't we give more love? The world today needs more LOVE.

Give and share more love so that you will get more life pleasures in return.

What is friendship without love? What is friendship without care? What is friendship without sincerity?

There shouldn't be any excuses if you have 'love'.

For the ladies , if you are in a relationship or even casual friendship or just a fling, if you don't have all these 3 elements of love, care and sincerity - move on and say to yourself , ' I love myself too much too deserve this. I will only settle for the best and nothing less'. Say this with conviction and head up high! Give your love to someone who deserve it and who truly need it.

An old man once advised me , ' Judge a man by his actions, not his words'. Yup is cheap.

So lets be strong and set our standards.



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Belle Z. said...

You inspires me so much....:)love ur strong thoughts on living life...