Thursday, November 18, 2010

Empathy & Understanding -Key To Effective Communication

Hi ,

I realized I 've been neglecting my blog for quite some time and it's time to jot down something.

Been cooped up with work and managed to get away with family to UK for 2 weeks for a good holiday. I'm back and back to reality again - work .

My work involves meeting people a lot and everyday I meet different kinds of people , some are nice, some are difficult and some are quite interesting and some can be quite bitchy and demanding.

Experience and knowledge taught me many things especially when dealing with difficult people.

Though it can be quite stressfull at times but eventually you just get immuned to it and it becomes easier to deal with when you understand the mechanics of how to handle it and understanding the why's of the situation.

Yes it's easy to just show your temper as a way to show authority and power and probably you get a temporary satisfaction but in the end nothing gets solved but only makes things worse. Any actions or decisions done out of anger will definitely make you regret later on or feeling guilty about it. This way is truly an act of impulse done by foolish and 'not so smart people' in the past but not now coz you will be perceived as ridiculing and downgrading yourself if you do it.

Let me just share with you , when dealing with all kinds of people and to maintain good relationship , Empathy and Understanding is Key.

Not by talking but just by listening with concentration to what is being said and understanding the subject matter you are indirectly showing empathy.

Try to see things in different perpectives and not just jump to a conclusion and entertain negative thoughts that could lead to unnecessary problems.

By showing empathy and understanding you'll be able to control the emotional intensity out of the situation.

The main thing is to settle the problem and not aggrevate it.

In communication , words are your tools. So choose only positive words and avoid using words of accusations, humiliations, swearing, belittling people or criticizing.

By practising being calm and humble you will be seen as someone who's matured, well educated and charismatic.

It does not matter if the other party is being ignorant or just deliberately refuse to understand but the bottom line is you are doing the right thing and will earn the respect.

Silent does not mean defeat but it shows that you are confident with yourself.

Lets's put it this way, if God created everyone the same ... then how boring this world would be no challenges .. so lets make the best of every situation in life and who knows it could lead to another adventure.....

Feels good to share. Bye for now! Peace.



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helmiehassan said...

GREAT article, with emphasis & without doubt, and definitely understanding most the core factor in effective communication. Have a pleasant day!