Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Hopefull Year 2011

As I was putting my daughter to sleep I just realized how fast she had grown up . It seems like only yesterday that I bought her diapers and now I'm already buying her bras and lipstick!

I must admit that sometimes I regret missing all those moments where she needed me to comb her hair or read to her bedtime stories...simply because I've been too busy trying to fullfill my dreams and trying to reach my goals...

Sometimes I ask myself ..why can't I just be contented with what I have rather than keep striving for more and wanting more and more...

But then again I don't think I'm greedy either. What's wrong with being ambitious and to dream big? Everything started from my dreams ....

When you dream of wanting something you will work on it to make it into reality and it makes living a life with a purpose and it becomes colorful and exciting.

I believe we must explore life's adventures and turn it into our own unique story.

Well sometimes I've been told to take it easy and to relax but it's like you're on the treadmill and suddenly it stops and you find yourself still's weird coz you feel you need to keep the momentum going or you might become complacent.

A lot of things have been planned for this year and I am so looking forward to it. However I just need to also manage my time well with my family as they are my main priority. Many times my daughter would say to me mom you are always on the phone you never talk to me anymore. Gosh I feel so guilty and as I took everything for granted and how it must have affected her .
I promise myself to be a more attentive mom from now on and I really want to.

I suddenly came to realize that it's good to have big dreams and goals but you must not allow it to take a toll in your life untill you forget what is really important to you and the people you love in your life.

When you think you have done everything in your best abilities then it's time to just leave it to god and don't worry too much. Spend more quality time with family and the rest will just fall into the right place.

So it will be a hopeful year for me this year as I hope to accomplish many things but at the same time also hoping to be a better mom ... I love my family very much and this is something that I need to do as I can't afford to hurt them .

Yes I have made many mistakes along the way and maybe got a little bit carried away but then again I always believe that everything happens for a reason and certain people came into your life for a purpose... valuable lesson learned.

Just sharing my thoughts ...and thanks for stopping by...


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Anonymous said...

i really got inspired watching you in all way.. the way u talk, the way u dressed up, everything... i'm a professional worker but with a very problematic life.. really need to change, and to start a new life.. but i don't know where to start and how to fix everything...