Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mara "Imej Anda Aset Anda" Workshop

It was held at Suria Resort Cherating, from 9th- 12th May 2011 and attended by 50 Mara Executives.
It was a Fun and a Memorable Experience getting to know them.
A fruitful and long term collaboration.

All The Best to All!!

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hak55 said...

Dear YBhg. Datuk,

Once in a while, I read your articles in 'Imej & Etiket' and they are good. However, nobody seems to notice the generally poor table manners of Malaysians, all races, men and women. One, if they eat using forks and spoons, they do not hold them properly and two, many, especially the Chinese, when they want to take out 'food' that they do now want to swallow after putting them into their mouths, they spit them out and I notice these things even at formal dinners where dignitaries and sometimes the King is present. I am not mentioning the noise they create.

Please write something about these things and if you need help, please let me know.


Hussaini Abdul Karim *(hak55)