Monday, July 18, 2011

Adamaya Brand Name Trademark Registered For Products & Services And Solely Ours!

Dear friends and potential clients,

I would like to caution everyone that lately there have been a few unresponssible parties/companies using our brand name 'Adamaya' to promote their products such as Jubahs [Turkuaz Muslimah Fashion House], Cafe [ Adamaya Cafe in Langkawi] and also Spa [Adamaya Spa in Ampang] services.These names are not associated with us!

So far 'Adamaya' has ventured into manufacturing consumer goods products such as skin care , body care, health care and health drinks produced and distributed by Adamaya Marketing Sdn Bhd.

Under Adamaya Consultancy and Services Sdn Bhd we sell Image book titled 'Imej- Diri Anda Aset Anda' and provide consultancy services and online fashion retail through

I hereby would like to clarify that we don't sell any Jubahs or own any Cafe or Spa.

Please kindly be aware of this to avoid any fraud activities that could cause you unnecessary problems as we are not liable to any losses that may inccur.

Please do kindly contact us should you need any clarifications on products being sold using our brand name before making any payment to ensure that the business is genuine through legal transaction conducted by the registered staff or marketing agents of Adamaya Marketing Sdn Bhd, Adamaya Consultancy and Services Sdn Bhd or Adamaya [M] Sdn Bhd.

You may call En Hafez at +6013 283 9156 / Mr Robin +6017 463 1113 [ Adamaya Consultancy and Services Sdn Bhd & Adamaya [M] Sdn Bhd] or Mr Eric +6017 767 5393 [ Adamaya Marketing Sdn Bhd].

Please do kindly log on to our legal website at to check on all the registered products being sold and services provided.

Thank you.

Sh. Shawati.

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