Monday, June 25, 2012

A Charity Project by Adamaya Consultancy Services

Hi everyone,

Its been a little crazy this past months trying to juggle multiple tasks at one time but I'm not complaining as I truly enjoy it. Adamaya Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd have come a long way..besides organising and conducting Image & Motivational workshops we have diversified in  two new fields such as Online Retail and  Events Management & Artiste Agent. Personally I am embracing life much more than ever! So many things to explore and I thank god for giving his blessings in allowing me to do it.

One night my friends and I decided to go and support a friend, Ras Adiba Radzi's singing gig at the Tapis Rouge, a  cool restaurant cum theatre set up owned by Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina, an amazing lady. We were all in the same circle of friends way back when...

As we were enjoying her show my friend Fazila suddenly turned to me and said ' Hey Shawati why don't you do this?' I said 'Do what?' and she said "Perform here coz you love to sing and you can sing". I looked at her and I thought ..yeah I can sing for myself but for the public errm I'm not sure...hahaha. Then she kept challenging me and suddenly a great idea popped into my mind and I said to her 'Yes lets do it but I wanna sing for a good cause and that is to help a charity body'. Instantly we got so excited with the idea and I could feel the adrenalin rush went up to my brains!

Yes my friends and I love to karaoke and have jam sessions at private clubs and parties but this time we'll do it for a meaningful purpose and we don't really care about the assumptions from the public or media's that could derive from it as long as we could help the less fortunate and make them happy. That is our main mission.

Then there were questions playing in my mind like ' Why would pay to see you sing? You are not a singer and can you attract the crowd? Do you think you will get much and is it worth the time and effort? What could you benefit from doing this?'

Well I thought of the answers and came to a conclusion that I will just open the invite to just friends with similar interests and they would come not just to see me sing but most importantly to help  the less fortunate and the amount of donation should not be an issue as we are all working professionals who are comfortable with our lives. And yes it's definitely worth it and the benefit for me...contentment and  fulfillment. You can't just make money without giving back to others. It's not always about money.

After 2 months of planning and brainstorming ideas, my team and I decided to choose Al-Ikhlas Old Folks Home situated in Puchong. All proceeds of this charity show will be chanelled to them. We had gone for the first visit to meet and greet them on the 23rd of June also to provide them with food and the basic necessities that they need. It was the most meaningful day for all of us and our kids!

It was a great feeling to see them smile and hear their interesting stories that led them there.
My good friend Nikki cooked Indonesian porridge and cream caramel for them  and I love her for that!
We love old folks and would like to encourage our children and community to have more love , care and respect for the elderly. I notice in this world of high technologies and gadgets people are beginning to lose their human touch and sense of respect in many aspects of the word. They become less sensitive and neglect their parents.

I personally do not encourage anyone to place their parents in an old folks home but taking into considerations of what may be the ' unavoided life circumstances' then it is our respnsibility to provide the best place for the old folks to live in because they deserve the best!

I have decided to call it 'The Real Persona' and the tagline for the night will be 'Love Care Respect'.
For the show on the 14th July at Tapis Rouge, there will be some celebrity friends and artiste collaborating on this platform to contribute their songs for free and for a good cause. I believe it is going to be an exciting event full of laughter and fun with the collaborations of friends expressing themselves through music adversities! There will be lucky draws to win flight tickets to Bali, Shanghai and Bangkok from the sponsors and auction of goods to generate monetory donations apart from ticket sales.

All donations will be handed personally to Al-Ikhlas Old Folks Home  a day after the show.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors and friends for your kind generosities for taking part in this event. May God bless you all!

To those who would like to contribute in any way or purchase tickets please call Christina at             +6 019 2111 444.

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