Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This word RSVP is a french word that means 'responde seevou plei' [spelling not sure but thats how it sounds]or in english 'please respond'.

This word has been widely used and printed in invitation cards but not many understand or choose not to understand or pretend not to understand what it means.

Most oftenly the invitation card also states 'RSVP before...the date but most oftenly what happens is that either the invitees reply the last minute on the day of the function itself and expect to be given a seat or never reply at all but just turn up at the function or replied to turn up to the function but never came!The most common one will be 'I was not well'. This is the culture in Malaysia.

By doing all of the above we are showing disrespect and being inconsiderate to the host. It means that the host is not important and you can't be bothered with whatever inconviniences that will happen to her as a result of your doing.Unless you are really genuine then your conscience is clear. Ask yourself how would you feel if it happens to you at your function?

Lets start making a conscious effort from now on.

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