Sunday, April 5, 2009

'Thats mean' ?

What's with this 'thats mean' thing?

That's it . I've been hearing too much of this 'thats mean' and i can't stand it anymore.

To my amusement the people who used these words were from the high ranking post in an international organization and nobody dares to correct them.

I think it's about time these people are told and corrected because it reflects on your Image and the company that you work for. I mean.. here you are smartly dressed in your most expensive suit but you are not being 'Congruent' with your corporate Image when it's not in sync with your verbal communication. So I am suggesting that , all the top people in the company must attend the Image Workshop on Communication Skills first before sending us their staff.

I believe if you want change then you have to change first.

Yes , clothes do communicate messages but how you communicate and the choice of words you use tells a lot more about you - educated or not?

So for goodness sake it is 'that means' not 'thats mean'.


NabilaHouse said...

Hi Shawati!

I enjoyed reading your blog. Found it from The Star clip today. Malaysia needs people like you to correct those high ranking officers grammar.

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

i agree wif u.. 'that means' not 'thats mean'.. well, u're my idol..i like to read your article posted and perhaps one day i may see u face to face