Sunday, March 22, 2009

What is Image Consulting?

'So you're an Image Consultant...interesting...but what actually do you do?'- this is one of the questions frequently asked to me at social functions and gatherings. I had to keep repeating myself over and over again untill i get to the last person I just said 'Oh I dress naked bodies!' and they go 'ooooohh' with mouth wide open. Hahahaha love doing that sometimes..

You can't blame them because even though Image Consulting services have been around for quite some time but not many people understand what it is all about and the importance of potraying the right image for individuals, companies and organizations.

In the United States, Image Consulting has gone beyond recognition. Almost everyone in various industries admit that a professional image that represent oneself and an organization is crucial as far as branding is concerned.

I would like to quote Donald Trump for saying ' in order to be successful you have to look successful first', in his book 'Think Big and Kiss Ass'. He managed to close a deal just by dressing the best that he could be. First Impression is very very important.

Yes  clothes do communicate messages. What you wear says a lot about you in the first 15 seconds. After that , what you say, your topic of discussion, your body gestures, the verbal and non-verbal language, your posture, your manners, courtesy ,etiquette ...all will create a significance in peoples minds. You can control what they see but you can't control what they feel.
To control what they see, you have to play the part but to control what they feel you have to have the right tools and knowledge.

This is what Image Consulting is all about. We coach you to have the right attitude, tools and skills to build the right image that potrays professionalism and finesse for individuals and organizations.

When we teach you about Body Language, you will be able to connect with the people around you effectively just by reading their body gestures . This is especially a very important skill in Marketing, Public Relations, Customer Service Industry and Job interviews.

Then we teach you about Social Etiquette ,Dining and Networking. When you are entertaining your clients, do you pay or you make them pay and who orders first? As a lady is it graceful for you to extend your call card to a man first? For the men out there, is it ok for you to ask a woman her age? Simple things like this could represent your mentality , social and education background and lack of sensitivity to the other party.

And for the ladies do you wear mini skirts at the workplace and expect to be taken seriously?

There is more to it than i could explain but what i can tell you is that it is very important to have the right image and potray it the way you want to be perceived by others. A professional image could lead you to a higher level in your life be it your career advancement or personal relationships.

If everyone in the community is being 'CONSISTENT and CONGRUENT' with their image then we will be able to increase the standards of professionalism and be more relevant and effective in what we do.

All the topics that constitutes to Image Building are all incorporated in my book 'IMEJ- DIRI ANDA ASET ANDA'. It is a an interactive reference coffee table book that gives you tips and guidelines towards self-branding and knowing your self attributes. Through this book I would like to share with you my experiences and knowledge towards recognizing your best asset which is -yourself.

If you would like to get a copy of the book please kindly place an order by emailing to by ordering it at MPH bookstores.

Thank you for reading!


Az said...

Interesting piece sis. You can write ! Now I know how to describe to people what you do now :)

Laydee EL said...

Hi, good evening, Im a student in Uitm Perak... I'm wondering, do u conduct seminar for grooming n etiquettes??? Thx... :D