Sunday, March 15, 2009


Left school in 1986 and did part-time modelling for fun. Fashion is my passion . I had fun though money wasn't that great but i learned a lot about posing for the cameras, grooming and was given the opportunity to choreograph the fashion shows . Eventually I wanted a steady job and something more challenging.
I joined Malaysia Airlines as a flight attendant and joined a government TV station called RTM as a newscaster. I have always believe in multitasking and had no problems juggling two exciting careers plus the four figure income of course! I can still recall the times when I had just landed from a flight and had to rush to RTM with my uniform and trolley bag to read the prime time news at 8pm. Those were the days... but i treasure every moment of it. Malaysia Airlines taught me about discipline, responsibility and preserverence.
After 7 years of flying, [7 year itch..]I felt that i had a lot more to offer and was deeply inclined to explore seriously in broadcasting. I left MAS & RTM to join TV3 as a full time Anchor NewsPresenter & was hosting live talk shows. It was different when i was Rtm though we were all like a family and was ever willing to help each other , I was just reading the news. I had no training or journalism background.
Tv3 was a good training ground and i gathered an indepth knowledge in every aspects of broadcasting. I was ajournalist, scriptwriter, editor , producer and presenter. Another interesting experience that can't be bought.
I've always love beauty and i have kept a promise to myself that one day i would set up my own beauty centre. Through the years i did my networking with various people in the industry who eventualy became my close friends. After almost 8 years I decided to follow my dreams and left TV3 to set up Adamaya Salon, my own hairsalon. I believe in investing in knowledge so i took up a long distant learning course on Busines Management and got my Bachelors Degree. Then took up a course in Hairdressing got my Diploma after 8 months to fully equip myself in my new chosen field. Now we have diversified our business to Image Consultancy.
I took up a course in London & Singapore on Image Consultancy and have been certified as an Image consultant & a proud member of the Association of Image Consultants International, AICI. I have so much passion in my job that i really feel the need to document it and my vision is to help raise the standards of professionalism of the people of this country . I am hoping that schools and colleges could start a new syllabus specifically on Image Building among the students to cultivate good habits from an early age. My latest project is authoring a book called 'Imej- Diri Anda Aset Anda' [Image-You Are Your Best Asset]. It is an interactive referrence and motivational coffee table book about Image Building & Self Branding for career, relationship & personal development towards enhancing professionalism & effective individuals in the community. Through this book I hope i could collaborate with the government ministries such as the Ministry of Women & Community Development to organize workshops targeted to teenagers, single mothers and working individuals to become more relevant and effective.
Well thats just sharing with you what i have in mind.
Thank you so much for reading my blog. If you are willing to listen, I am more than happy to share with you my experience and knowledge about style , fashion , etiquette & lots more!


Ahmad Suhaimi Abdullah said...

Dear Sharifah Shawati , After reading through you background and experience , I really feel great about you ! Keep up the good work .

Taman Melati , KL

Bougette said...

hey there .. admire ur tenacity n keep up d excellent effort..