Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Basic Courtesy- What happened?

I took my son Adam and daughter Letisha to have dinner at Pizza Hut. We were given a table of five. There were another group of family of which i notice this particular lady was very immaculately dressed seated next to our table.

While we were enjoying our dinner suddenly that lady stood up from her table and crossed over to ours to grab a napkin from the unoccupied seat at our table. Stunned.. i just looked at her and she looked back at me without saying a word. At this time my daughter was having a funny a funny grin on her face.

So she wanted a serviette. Perhaps she could have asked one from the waitress or she could have politely asked my permission to take the napkin away from our table! Still I think it is so unethical of someone to just invade other people's privacy like that. It's called invading a 'personal space'.

What happened to the word 'excuse me', 'may i' , 'sorry'or 'thank you'? I thought it is our culture to be polite.

Then my son whispered to me, 'Mom why did that lady take the napkin from our table and she never asked you first?'. So I said to him maybe she forgot her manners....

This is what I am really concerned about. How can we expect youngsters of today to have tact when they are being brought up by parents like that. We have to lead by example and i believe it starts from home.

You can be so immaculately dressed from head to toe but if you don't have the manners you don't have a good package.

That is why Image Building is essential to everyone and it is crucial to have it nurtured from an early age.

Lets think about it.


Az said...

That is so true! Manners is very important. I hate to say it, but it has become a Malaysian thing. So sad. But us being the very few 'enlightened ones' need to keep on showing a good example and hopefully things will be okay.

cool head said...
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takadamaya said...
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