Friday, May 22, 2009

Emotional Intelligence

Every time when i meet a group of girlfriends there was never a time I didn't hear any complains about someone being treated badly by the opposite sex either it's their husbands or boyfriends or some are just by their 'casual acquaintances'.

Sometimes the stories seemed so peculiar that it got all of us thinking that these guys must be reading a standard book of 'Guides To Lure Them Then Leave Them...'.
They say the same things, use the same tactics, same words, same modus operandi.It's like the same script but different casts.

The worst thing is women never learn and keep falling for these guys.Why? Aren't there enough nice guys around or we're just not giving them a chance? Another girfriend pointed out that, bad guys are more challenging and fun to be with. Well then who to be blamed for this coz you knew very well what you're in it for so you must be prepared to face the consequences.

This is the reason why we should all have the Emotional Intelligence. The word 'intelligent' means being able to make a smart decision and Emotional Intelligence means being able to make wise decision based on emotions. Have we consciously asked ourselves why did we 'allow' it to happen?

Why did you 'allow' them to treat you in a bad way? Why did you 'allow' them to dump you or why did you 'allow' them to make you cry? The best way to do it is never to 'allow' anything that's below what you deserve.If you don't 'allow' nothing will happen least not the way you didn't want it to be.

So I would suggest for women to set a 'benchmark'[setting a certain standards] in choosing the guys they go out with. NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS and NEVER SELL YOURSELF SHORT! You must remember this! And if they leave eventually , say to yourself ' so what..we had some good moments and I don't really care coz I deserve better and I am worth it'.

Being able to switch your emotions from sadness to psycho-ing yourself with happy things will make you more productive and more attractive. Believe me ,do this and you'll be a happier person.

This is what Emotional Intelligence is all about and all women should master this capability. Another important habit for you to master is the art of being silent.
'Practising silence means making a commitment to just be...' by DEEPAK CHOPRA 'THE 7 SRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS'.

Ladies we can do it and again remember set your 'benchmark'!

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Syazlin Sazali said...

Epic. I like this entry :)