Thursday, May 28, 2009

How To Dress On A Plane

This is something I truly agree and I read it in a book by an interesting writer named Nina Garcia.

Do not wear a sweatshirt.Not even an expensive one because let me tell you if there is a girl in a sweatsuit and a girl in a cashmere sweater ..and there is the possibility of an upgrade, cashmere beats sweatsuit everytime. The way you present yourself matters.

The nicer you look, the nicer you will be treated. The smile gets more than a frown.

There are some ladies out there who get on the plane in perfect attire, perfect hair, full-on make-up and sunglasses. When they got off the plane, not a single hair out of place! I am not saying that we all need to look this perfect but we should meet halfway between perfection and sweatpants.

One tip I can share with you is that never to sleep with your back of the head lying flat on the head rest.. coz when you get up it will be so flat and not a very good site from the side view. What you can do is to lift up your hair and pin it up before leaning on the head rest. Get your hair blowed curl at the salon and pin it up on the plane. When it lands just let go the pins and you'll have very natural curls and ready to face the world!

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