Monday, May 18, 2009


Just want to share with you.

Some say, things happen for a reason and some may say that our life journey has been orchestrated by god. My best friend who happens to be a very spiritual person will normally say that 'we owe it to our past lives'and that sometimes someone from the past might come into our lives so suddenly because we have an unfinished business with them in our past lives. Well she does read a lot of Deepak Chopras.....

Nevertheless I did find some truth in what she said after much thought given to it.This is because a person whom I met on the job many years ago came into my life again and initiated something I never thought possible.Then when things started to progress suddenly it turned bad and I was left very dissapointed. If i could recall I did turn the offer down a few years ago and maybe this is the time to get back at me.. but then again I take it as another valuable lesson in life and I thank god for making my life so interesting and colorful!

For the past few months a lot of interesting and wierd things happened to me...some are happy and some are not too happy. I normally would like to just focus on the happy ones and move on. However this time I took the time to ponder a bit on what caused the 'not too happy' ones. I realized that it's all about being able to adjust ourselves in the situation that we're in and be in 'sync' with our environment and the people around us. When I try to relate to 'The Law of Atrraction' written by Michael Lozier again and does make sense and now I believe that it's all about this new word 'syncronicity'. Everything has to be on the same 'frequency'. Like attracts like. If not don't push it.

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